The new Coronavirus information

Latest information on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is HERE. (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

COVID-19 Information and Resources (Cabinet Secretariat)

Covid-19 vaccine information
FRESC Multilingual COVID-19 Vaccination Support
COVID-19 vaccination certificate for overseas travel
“5 situations” that increase the risk of infection (Cabinet Secretariat)PDF
Infected with COVID-19?!PDF
Please be careful not to be infected with the novel coronavirus disease!PDF
Request for cooperation to prevent outbreaks of Covid-19PDF
Request to install the COVID 19 Contact Confirming ApplicationPDF
Guidance on Temporary Loan Emergency Funds
Evacuation Points Under COVID-19 CrisisPDF
Okazaki City Coronavirus Infection Control Cooperation Grant Application (and invoice)PDF
Information about the Housing Security BenefitPDF
For Foreigners Working in Companies
How to prevent the novel coronavirusPDF

Avoid the “Three Cs”!PDF
CORONAVIRUS info in Multiple LanguagePDF

Regarding the new strain of CoronavirusPDF

If you have any of the following symptoms, please consult with the Returnee and Contact person consultation center in Okazaki Health Center Tel: 0564-23-5074

・Cold symptoms or 37.5 °C or more fever continue for more than 4 days
(including when you need to keep taking antipyretics.
・There is strong languor (malaise) and breathlessness (dyspnea).

*For elderly people and those with underlying diseases, if the above condition continues for about 2 days.

As a result of consultation at the Center, those with suspicion of the novel coronavirus infection will be introduced a specialized “Returnee and contact person outpatient”. Please wear a mask and visit the medical facility without using public transportation where possible.

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